Is solar worth it in Boise?

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If you are asking, Is solar worth it in Boise? The answer is yes! Solar is worth it in Boise. It might be even more worthwhile than you think.

The average cost of solar panels in Boise is as low as $2.21 per watt, which means that the cost of solar panels in Boise is about one-third the national average. Additionally, costs for solar panels in Boise are about half of what they are for Portland and Seattle.

Plus, it has been shown that utility rates may rise a year after you purchase a solar system which will bring your return on investment back to positive quicker than anticipated!

Is solar worth it in Boise

Why go solar?

There are many reasons to go solar in Boise. Some people see the opportunity to save on utility bills, some want to make a positive impact on their environment, and others are just tired of high utility bills! But, one of the most important reasons is because of the rapidly increasing rates for utility use.

It has been shown that rates increase up to a year after you purchase a solar system! Since your return on investment can decline over time if your rate of return doesn't match up with your inflation rate, this would be a great reason to make the switch as soon as possible.

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Solar in Boise a Massive Opportunity

Boise Idaho solar

Boise, Idaho, is a great place for solar because of its highly efficient solar panels made by SunPower, which get up to 29.5% efficiency. This means that you will be saving money on your electric bill and impacting the environment of Boise, Idaho, simultaneously.

To put this in perspective, Portland and Seattle, which both have good access to sunlight and have solar companies running rampant in those cities, have seen solar costs go up 700% in the last decade! We are currently seeing a 13-year average increase of 14.

For Boise residents, solar is a great financial opportunity that can help you save big on your bill, help the environment, and make Boise a more sustainable city.

Solar incentives in Boise

There are many reasons to go solar in Boise, Idaho. One of the most important incentives is that Boise has solar tax credits that can add up to thousands of dollars annually!

The first credit is the Solar System Performance Tax Credit which is a 15% federal tax credit. It is not enough that your system will pay for itself. It can go even further and help you pay back your investment faster. The second tax credit is the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

This tax credit is a 30% federal tax credit, which means you can have a one-time bonus for going solar in Boise! This money can make a difference as you pay off your investment or pay off your new solar system.

Net Meetering program

net metering

Another great reason to go solar in Boise is the Net Metering Program. This program allows you to send your extra power back to the grid and get paid for it! This way, you will be active in making a difference in the power grid of Boise, Idaho.

Plus, if you can store your excess solar power in batteries and save it for a rainy day, then there is no limit on how much money you can make from solar energy stored in batteries.

Also, Net metering credits can be used to reduce your bill from the utility company. This will help you get more out of your solar panels when they are not producing much energy. In other words, this will help you lessen the amount of electricity you buy from your utility company.

This Program is perfect for Boiseans because it creates a symbiotic relationship between the solar energy produced in Boise, Idaho, and the utilities.

How much can you save on your electric bill?

save money by going solar

You can save up to 20% on your electric bill by going solar in Boise, Idaho. But, the real number may be much higher than that if you invest right and become efficient with your electricity use.

The way it works is that you may get a 30% federal tax credit, a 15% federal tax credit, and an additional 30% through a solar power purchase agreement.

This will give you direct savings of 40%. If you were to put all of that electricity back into the grid, then you would be using an electric car like the Nissan Leaf and even make money from charging it!

Savings can reach as much as 50% if you are paying for a lot of power that doesn't even use electricity (this is called "free power"). That means that for every dollar you spend on electricity, you will save up to $1! This is truly a great way to save.

Solar panels are affordable

The real-world cost for solar panels in Boise is about $2.21 per watt. This means that you can get a good deal on the option of solar panels to be installed in Boise, Idaho. It is much better than a decade ago when the cost was about $15 per watt for solar panels in Boise, Idaho.

Solar panels will pay for themselves in as little as 10 years. Solar energy is affordable in Boise when you look at its average cost!

There are several financing options for solar panels. The first is the Solar Power Purchase Agreement. This is where you pay a company over 20 years, and they install the whole system on your roof, and you just pay them!

This is a great way to go because it allows the company to do all the work and invest in their business, which makes them more money while giving you the advantage of free sunlight during those 20 years.

In conclusion

If you go solar in Boise, Idaho, and become more efficient with your use of electricity, then you will probably be able to save even more on your bill! One way of becoming more energy efficient is by purchasing a smart thermostat.

Most people start seeing savings of 20% on their electric bill after only a few years of going solar in Boise, Idaho! Most people see their investment pay off in 2-3 years. After that, you are essentially making money.

Frequently asked questions about going solar in Boise

Yes! Idaho has a solar tax credit that is the same as the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which is 30%. If you go solar in Idaho, then you will be saving money on your electric bill and paying off your solar investment faster than ever.

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