Solar Energy Benefits By State

Going solar has never been more popular in America. In fact, since the beginning of 2009, solar generation in the United States has increased by 3,000%!

Provided you have a south-facing rooftop and lots of space for panels, going solar is a relatively inexpensive way to reduce your energy bill and help strengthen the grid. But before you start looking for an installer or consultant in your area, it's important to know where solar panels have been most successful so far.

Solar Energy Benefits By State

Solar power is the cleanest, most cost effective renewable energy that we have available, and it's more accessible now than ever. The growth of solar has been exponential in the last few years, with solar panels now being more affordable and widely available to those who want to go green.

In some states, going solar is as easy as signing up for some free solar panels from a local installer. In others it's as complicated as building an entire new grid from scratch.

Every state has a different incentive program in place for solar power, and some states have a lot more going on. If you're serious about going solar, it's important to keep this in mind when you make your final decision on how to go solar.

Federal Tax Credit Information

The federal government has a 30% tax credit for people who are building or remodeling homes that have solar panels. This is a great way to not only save money by going green, but to save money on your taxes as well. The IRS offers full information on the solar tax credit here.

Solar Power Incentives By State

Below is a list of each state, with its solar incentives listed for each state next to it. These are the only incentives that each state has to offer for solar power, so if you want to go solar, pay close attention!

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