Why Go Solar in Utah?

Thanks to state and federal incentives, solar is a great option for Utah residents. You can save $1000/year in your monthly electric bill. Solar can be very affordable and with so many great solar options, such as solar leasing and loans, it can be easier than ever to go solar in Utah.

The benefits are amazing . There is great tax credit for new customers, plus rebates paid on your electricity bill by the state and federal government. The state also has a 15% incentive for customers with less than 500 sq ft of solar.

With solar, you will never need to drive around looking for street parking again. You can get 200-600 miles on one charge of your vehicle, so no more gas or high prices. Here are some reasons why going with a Utah Solar company is an amazing investment.

why go solar in Utah?

Save money on your monthly bills . Solar is an investment that you can see your return on immediately. Instead of paying your high electricity bill every month, you will start to see the money come back to you.

No more high energy prices . As fossil fuels are depleted, they will become more expensive to use. When the costs rise, people turn to solar, which is a renewable resource that will be free for many years to come.
You can save up to $1,000 per year on your electricity bill by going solar.

State and Federal tax credit

Utah solar tax incentives

Thanks to the federal government's Solar Investment Tax Credit, you can get 30% of your home's solar system paid for by the government.

The state of Utah has incentives that will pay for nearly 15 % of your solar energy system.

Also, the state offers a rebate for people with less than 500 square feet of solar.

State rebates

Utah tax credits

The state of Utah offers a 30% rebate on the system and all the installation costs.

Utah also has an incentive if you sell your home to a buyer with solar. After 24 months, you can have your unused credits used to pay for any new solar system for your home.

This solar rebates allows you to invest in solar energy for your home and make your monthly bills lower.

Improve your home value. For your home to have value, you need reliable energy. With solar, you don't have to pay for the energy that you don't use. This makes your home more valuable to potential buyers

See the benefits of solar in the video below. “Solar power is free” features an animated explanation of how solar works, why it’s important, and how Utah residents can make solar a reality in their own homes.

Because of the real state market and how many people are moving to Utah, going solar is a great investment for your home.

Become energy independent

Energy Independence

When you produce energy, you are not dependent on other utility companies. You can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

In case there is a natural disaster, you will not have to worry about your electricity or water, because you will have a solar generator.

Utah is a great state to go solar

Utah solar incentives

The amount of sunlight in Utah is second to none, so much that the state has given out free solar panels to people that want to go solar.

You can produce your own energy just by using a solar panel. This is very important because you will never run out of energy again.

Because Utah has 110,000 acres of land that is fertile, you can use that land to grow food for your home. Solar panels promote solar energy production, which means that you will not have to buy or buy more energy for your home.

Utah residents are known as the pioneers of the West, so it makes sense to go solar in Utah.

Financial is easy

With the fast pace of life today, Utah residents want to simplify their lives and go solar. When you finance your solar energy system, you can get it at only $95 per month.

Solar energy will help you to create a better future for your children because you will not have to worry about high utility bills or depleting fossil fuels anymore. You can use the savings each month to help pay for college or buy the house that you always wanted.

You can make money with energy storage

solar energy savings

If your home is equipped with a solar energy storage device, you can use the extra energy to sell it back to the power grid. This will help you to make some extra money on your monthly bill and help other people save money as well.

Utah has had a great solar program since 2006 and has continued to be successful because of it. Utah is known as one of those states that does not have a lot of fossil fuels left, so this makes solar more important than ever before.

Help the environment

Clean energy solar Utah

Going solar means that you will not have to worry about the environment in the future. Fossil fuels are being depleted quickly, so this is a great way to stop using them. When you go solar, you are saving energy which helps to stop pollution.

As Utah continues to grow, so will the need for clean energy. As an investor in solar today, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help Utah reach their goal of becoming a green state.

Salt Lake City is one the most polluted cities in USA , so by investing in solar in Utah, you will make it greener for the city.

A lot of people invest in solar because they want to reduce their carbon footprints while saving money. This is very important because it will change the face of the Earth.

Many other states are making changes to promote renewable energy or move away from fossil fuels that are causing air pollution around the country. Since Utah has limited fossil fuels, it makes sense to invest in solar energy instead of fossil fuels.

Solar panels are affordable. Even if you do not have a lot of extra money to invest in solar, it is still possible to go solar.

After all the incentives and rebates, the installation price will be low. Some people even get free solar energy due to cash back or referrals from friends and family that have gone solar before. It costs less than $4 per day over 20 years.

The technology for home solar panels is continually improving and becoming more affordable for everyone to use.

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