7 Reasons Go Solar Today

Why people should go solar? The reasons to go solar are plentiful, right now solar is increasing in popularity in the USA. The number of solar subscribers has increased by 22% in 2017 alone and it has gone up over the last five years.

This is due to the low cost of solar, new technology and environmental benefits such as reduced fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions. The main reason people go solar is due to them saving money on their energy costs.

It costs an average of $0.19 cents per kilowatt hour to get electricity from a utility company, while it only costs $0.

In this article I will go through the top seven reasons people should go solar, I will also provide you with some tips to help you compare solar quotes online.

7 Reasons to Go Solar

1. Going Solar is Affordable:

The upfront costs of installing solar panels are worth the investment, and the savings are long term. Some people mistakenly thing going solar is expensive but it's not.

With solar, the power is free. The installation cost can be paid back in as quick as six years for people who live in areas with good solar exposure, like northern California.

Electricity rates rise every year, but with solar panels there is no increase in bill costs.

You can make solar affordable by using a solar lease. If you pay the extra $75 to finance and own an installed system, you can predict your energy costs and save up to $250 a year.

It doesn't cost much to go solar; it's projected that you can save up to 50% on your electricity bill by using solar panels.

You will see a return of investment much faster than you would with buying a car or house. You can expect to pay off your solar system in as little as six years.

Popular brands like LG, Sunpower etc sell products that are competitively priced and built to last. Generally, the panels are 10-15 years but generally it's more like 20+ years if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Most people see a return on their investment of 50% in under ten years.

2. Save on your electric bill

Save on your electric bill

Because solar energy is free, people save money on their monthly electric bills. Most people see savings of up to 50%. Also, utility companies have start paying for excess energy generated in some places, in order to create a market for solar power.

Most utility companies will pay you back for your investment in solar panels or solar lease, so once you start using the solar energy, you're generating free energy.

Your electric meter will start to spin backward once your solar panels are installed at the point where you drive into the sun.

This is going to put a credit on your utility bill every month. And hopefully the electric company, with your payment will come and build another solar facility on top of your home, which will generate energy for you free of charge.

Among the biggest reasons to go solar is make the utility company pay for it: When they start paying for this excess energy you produce, you'll get that money back into your bank account or investment account or tax credit yourself and then reinvest that into something else.

It doesn't just go out into the universe but also back into your pocket directly.

3. Become energy independent

Become Energy Independent

When you go solar, most people don't have to worry about their electric company will do with their energy. They can make electricity and not buy it from the electric company and not pay any extra service charge.

Imagine if there is a blackout in the country and the power company decides not to pay it's its energy bill and to shut down your solar power system. You will be in trouble, and you'll have to pay the electric company.

By becoming energy independent you can have control over the system. You will not have to buy things from the utility company or electric company. You can generate your own energy and it will be free for life.

This is a great way to protect your family from the threat of a natural disaster.

Most people in the US have no idea they are energy independent, because they don't understand that their home is a huge battery bank and when the power goes out in their city, they'll still have electricity.

The utility company doesn't pay for it because you make it yourself.

There are many threats to your safety in this world; but whether it is natural or manmade, any threat is dangerous if it happens to you. It's important to protect your family from these dangers by installing a solar power system on your home.

Solar panels will produce electricity for your house during the day and divert excess energy into the grid at night time, so that you don't have to pay any taxes or electric company charges.

4. Federal tax credit

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal government offers a credit for using solar energy. In the past, the government gave most of these incentives for installing solar panels, and the Federal Tax Credit was 30 percent of your entire system cost.

But now there is a cap on that amount and it's dropping down every year. For example, in 2019 you can get 25 percent back; in 2020 you can get 22 percent; and in 2021 the credit will drop to 15% and eventually go away completely in 2022.

A lot of people want to get their systems installed before 2022.

This is a great incentive , but it's important to note that the tax credit will only go back to the year you install the system. So for example if you wait five years to install your panels, then your tax credit is only capped at $3000.

There are no long term revenue streams in solar, when you go solar it's like you're taking out a mortgage on your future when you buy this solar panel.

But when people find out about the Federal Tax Credit, they understand that it's good business for them; and because of recent changes in state utility regulations, they can make money by using excess energy generated by their house.

It is important to always check with local utility companies because sometimes they offer cash back incentives.

5. State incentives

The Federal Tax Credit is one of the biggest incentives for installing solar panels. But you should also look at state government incentives.

The government doesn't need to pay for solar energy, but they are offering tax credits or cash back incentives for installing solar panels. For example, in California the state offers a cash back incentive of 20 percent of your total system cost.

Some states also offer renewable energy credits which can give you an indirect incentive to go solar by paying you more money to sell energy back to the utility company.

Also, many states are putting in place policies that allow you to get solar panels installed, and then put them to work for you by paying you money every month.

6. Help the Environment

Solar is great for the enviroment

Solar panels are made from polysilicon wafers, which are produced from silicon. Polysilicon is a non-toxic material that can be recycled when it breaks down over time.

In fact, much of your old solar equipment can end up in your next system! So you're helping to keep solar energy safe and green while saving money at the same time.

A lot of people don't know that 40% of all electricity across the world is wasted. That's a huge amount of wasted energy, which could be used elsewhere around the world, around homes or businesses.

People are buying so much stuff these days that they are wasting tons of electricity for things they don't need or use often.

Solar is no longer a luxury; it's now an integral part of the future of our planet and all its inhabitants.

7. Increase your home value during this crazy market economy  

Improve your home value

Having a solar system installed in your home is a good way to add value to the property when you decide to sell it. Some people have found an additional $10,000 in value in their home when they decide to sell it, after putting in a solar power system.

Today many people are migrating, and having solar panels can help your home value. When you have a solar panel installed in your home, the value of it goes up significantly. The more energy produced by a solar panel, the more valuable it gets.

You are going to be able to sell your home for higher value. You are creating more energy with the installed solar panel, and that's creating revenue for you now, now during the property sale process, and now later when you decide to sell the property.

The best thing about solar is that there are no lengthy contracts with the utility company because you're buying from yourself directly.

The utility companies don't have any long term hold on you and all of this money stays with you. This is why the government offers incentives to homeowners to go solar and how it's one of the best opportunities for people with little money to become wealthy today

In conclusion

solar energy is a great way to save money while protecting your family from any external threats that come along. It's a great way to be independent and have a backup plan just in case anything happens.

More and more people are installing solar panels on their homes, and it's not hard to understand why because they realize that this is one of these best opportunities where they can actually make money from themselves.

Smart Energy has been an expert in the field of renewable energy for 3 decades. He has been helping people get started with Solar energy since 2006.) In this guide, we will be going over how you can get started with solar power without spending a lot of money or going into debt.

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